IGC Global Promotions is a global contract partner for multinational companies to buy promotional items and business gifts. They have a network of 55 partners covering 49 countries worldwide.

Each month one IGC member is given the opportunity to present their company profile and share why they believe in IGC. Signature Promotions were fortunate to be asked to be the guest company in the recent October spotlight.


Signature Promotions has held the New Zealand exclusive membership to IGC Partners in Promotion since 2000, and we are very proud to be globally recognised for excellence in our field.

The IGC organisation carefully selects its members in order to ensure that each represents the most dynamic and successful promotional business in each country. Our IGC partnership gives us the benefit of bulk buying which gives us an enormous advantage. It means we pass the most competitive prices onto our Customers.

This association also allows us to obtain information on a global level. The group supports one another through shared information on factories and suppliers which enables us to keep abreast of the latest innovative products and changing global product trends.