Spark New Zealand

A New Zealand-wide communications service provider, providing fixed line telephone services, a mobile network, an internet service provider (through its subsidiary Xtra), and a major ICT provider to NZ businesses (through its Gen-i division).

Project Requirements

Telecom’s renaming itself Spark, aiming itself at a young, tech-savvy digital generation. Spark, as a brand value, would not be starting from scratch as it would inherit the market dynamics of Telecom, but could shake off some of Telecom’s negative brand association. Re-branding and building an exciting new merchandise branding for ‘Spark’ to replace the old company brand ‘Telecom’.

The merchandise program needed to be attractive to a broad range of customers, retailers and staff. It needed to appeal to not only the new younger tech-savvy consumers but also the long-term loyal customers of Telecom. The promotional material needed to be included in an e-commerce website and their on-line shop.

It was about giving the consumers a range of products to connect with the business in positive ways. The re-branding is about far more than a name and colour change. It’s about bringing a completely new tone to how Spark communicates with and what they offer their customers.

Spark’s demographic ranges from the younger tech-savvy consumers completely comfortable with seemingly nonsensical brand names. On the other hand, being aware that leaving behind the Telecom brand name will also risk leaving behind long-term customers who’ve stuck with Telecom this far.

A large part of their long-term loyalty will be based on knowing what to expect from the Telecom they’ve been with for years and years. These customers are probably more conservative in their habits, and, at first, they won’t necessarily relate to Spark as a brand-name. But Spark is just a new name to learn. In time, customers will attach their own deeper meanings to that name.

Our Solution

Develop and produce a range of high-end modern promotional merchandise for company’s brand launch and ongoing web-site shop. Products to be harmonious with the companies marketing strategies and promotional tactics.

The products needed to be stylish and incorporate the tech side, along with lifestyle feel to reflect the company’s target audience. We needed to deliver a different customer experience from Telecom, with a range that had to be seen as a different company from Telecom.

The design brief was to incorporate the 3 colour-ways of the new branding, magenta, green and orange. We had to deliver a vast array of products, but be able to successfully produce and supply in the 3 colour-ways to represent “Spark” meaning life, potential, energy and creativity.